Affiliate Program

1. What does an Affiliate have to do?

2. How do I get my money?

Every last Friday of the month we pay out all our Affiliates via PayPal.

Currently, we only accept payments through the PayPal payment gateway. If in the future we are able to support payment via other payment gateways, we will send notifications to all affiliates.

After logging into your account, please choose ONE payment method in the list and fill in payment details in Settings > Payment.

3. Terms & Conditions

Please learn more about our Terms & Conditions for Affiliates before filling in the registration form.

>>> View Terms & Conditions

4. How can I become an Affiliate?

Please email us via and we will send you a registration form. Once we review and your application is approved, we will continue to guide you with the next steps.

We hope we can welcome you to the A Gift Customized Affiliates family and that we can build an awesome relationship together!

Team A Gift Customized