How to buy multiple custom ornaments with different photos

Step 1: Select the item that you wish to purchase on our website


Step 2: Choose the pack you want – kindly note all the ornaments in a pack have to be of the same photo.




Step 3: Upload your photo, check if your uploaded photo is correct and click on the button “Add to cart”




Step 4: You will be automatically directed to the Shopping cart. If you want to purchase another ornament of the same product but with a different picture, click on the product name to get back to our product page. Or you can browse another product on our search bar.



Step 5: Repeat Step 1 to Step 4 and you are all set.




Step 6: Fill in your contact information, and shipping address and apply a discount code (if you have any) to complete purchasing. 




After your payment has been successfully completed, you’ll get an order confirmation via email or SMS.

Thank you for shopping with us!